Alpaca Services

Alpaca Breeding

We have several excellent bloodlines from which to choose a herdsire that will add density, fineness and crimp to your cria’s fleece.

  • At the owners request we can provide for ultrasound testing performed by experienced vets at 21-30 days gestation.
  • Boarding of the female while at our site for breeding is at no additional charge.

Alpaca Sales

For alpacas purchased from Blue Mesa Alpacas:

  • Free boarding for up to 2 months.
  • We will assist in identifying appropriate transportation to your location.
  • Generous financing terms and trade options available (contact us for details).

Alpaca Agisting/Boarding

We have facilities, specifically designed for alpacas. Our alpaca home has a separate quarantine area, motion sensors, night lights and automated waters guaranteeing fresh water all year long. For security, we have a Great Pyrenees guardian dog and staff on site. In case of medical emergency, two experienced alpaca vets are within two miles of the ranch.

We offer both short and long term boarding.  At the termination of agisting, we provide copies of all records, awards etc. to the owner.

Owners are encouraged to come out to visit and assist in the care of their alpacas.

Discounts are offered for multiple animals (call for details).


Blue Mesa Alpacas believes that purchasing alpacas is a serious responsibility as well as an enjoyable and exciting experience. We recognize that most 1st time alpaca owners are not experienced in either setting up a livestock business or livestock breeding and care. We are available to offer our support, and to answer your questions and allay any concerns you may have about alpacas (either before or after purchase).

As part of our mentoring we are able to assist you in setting up an alpaca business, obtaining a website, marketing, setting up your own alpaca ranch, suggesting educational courses/seminars/workshops, etc.

We also are able to assist you through your first AOA-sponsored show, should you be interested in showing your animals.

Most importantly we are always cheerfully ready to answer questions regarding the care, maintenance and breeding of your alpacas.


We are available to serve as agent for either the sale, purchase, or breeding of alpacas not owned by us, whether huacayas or suris. We have access to both local and nationwide networks for contacts.